Stag Studios (Witham)

Stag Studios is one of the largest and most established professional recording & rehearsal studios in Essex. Established in 2003, we are close to the town centre and situated conveniently just off the A12. We are easily accessible from both the North and South.

  • Parking: Yes
  • Drinks & snacks: Yes
  • Wireless internet: No

Rehearsal Rooms

Studio 1
A pair of 800W FBT active PA Speakers are supplied which are fed by an 12 channel mixing desk with built in effects processor unit. Two microphones are loaned as standard with the room hire and more are available on request. Studio 1 has air conditioning.
Studio 2
Studio 2 incorporates a 2" riser to aid recording of certain acoustic instruments such as drums, cello's etc. The walls and ceilings are soundproofed to ~70db. The construction is top spec, the inner shells are floating on a 100mm solid concrete floor and totally isolated from the outer shells. The inner walls of the studio are treated with professional Auralex sound conditioning comprising of wedge foam panelling on the surfaces, LENRD bass traps in the corners and T-Fusors on the ceilings creating an awesome sound. The live mix of your band will be so good you'll think you're listening to a demo CD! ? A pair of Mackie SRM-450 active PA speakers are supplied which are fed by a 14 channel Mackie mixing desk and a separate rack mount effects processor unit. Two microphones are loaned as standard with the room hire and more are available on request. Studio 2 has recently been upgraded with ultra quiet, powerful slim-line air conditioning unit which will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter (quietly!).
Studio 3
Studio 3 is approx 19' x 17'. The walls and ceiling have been treated with 2" and 4" Hi-Spec Modular Broadband Absorbers, which create an awesome sound, clean and bright like Studio 2's acoustics. Two microphones are loaned as standard with the room hire and more are available on request. ? It is constructed to the same high specifications and modern requirements as Studio's 1 and 2. ? Studio 3 has climate control air conditioning.
Studio 4
Studio 4
Studio 5
Studio 5 is our largest room with fine tuned acoustics for a superb sound and unbeatable sound proofing. It houses a PA system that is capable of delivering 3500Watts of power; therefore great for practicing your stage presence in style! The PA is capable of 150dB SPL and would blow away the average venue; therefore we do insist the volume to be kept at a safe level & ear protection is to be used for your own safety. ? When hiring Studio 5 you have the option of paying for the full complete PA, which includes free hire of drum mics and extra vocal mics, or simply using the normal powered PA that you find in all our other studios, for which you can only put vocals and keyboards through. Please inform us of which PA set up you will requre.
Studio 6
Recently revamped and soundproofed, Studio 6 has been designed and built specifically for acoustic acts or three piece bands who prefer a more intimate environment to play. This studio can be hired by the hour, and it contains Mackie 300 watt speakers, an 8 channel mixer, a 7 piece drum kit with Paiste cymbals, bass head and cab, guitar amp and 2 mics as standard. Available to hire all inclusive from 11am - 11pm (or later on request). For £10 hour, so you can just bring your guitars and sticks and come and play.

All rehearsal rooms come equipped with PA, mixer and 2 mics as standard (more are available on request)

Amp Hire - £5 per session

5 Piece Drum Kit - £7 per session

Cymbal Hire - £3 per session

A 1000W powered 18" Sub Woofer (to expand any one of our PA's to have more power) - £5 per session

This must be hired if you want to put more than Vocals through any of our PA systems.

Prices & Availability

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Unit 3 The Surridge Centre

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Main: 01376502209
Mobile: 07702076725



Opening Hours

11am - 11pm

Please Note

The quickest way to book studio time is using our online booking system.